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Call for contribution

If you have been solving ML problems (even if just getting started), you can help the community in just 5-10 minutes by contributing to this GitHub repo. The repo is all about helping a budding Data Scientist understand the training phase of solving a ML problem. Hoping to answer questions like - How long will it train? How to speed up training?

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Welcome to my data science blog!

I'm Abhijit Annaldas. I've been working as Software Engineer since close to 5 years. I fell in serious love with Data Science in Aug 2016. Since then my signinficant time beyond my day job is devoted to pursue Machine Learning and Data Science. Since the academics/subjects I have been through didn't give me enough exposure to mathematics, grasping machine learning was initially tough for me. In this blog I intend to share my journey. Believe me, getting started wasn't easy. I had a zillion questions as to where to begin, what all the basics are required. The depth and vastness of the subject is mind-boggling. And for one like me without enough mathematics exposure initially, it was difficult to find the starting point.

I will share how I overcame the initial difficulties and how I'm learning a subject (Data Science) that needs expertise from different subjects like mathematics, statistics, machine learning and programming. Will share my data science learnings from time to time. It could be mathematics, statistics, machine learning or any other related concept.

Abhijit Annaldas
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